Training & Tasting – Teaching & Talking

Enjoying The Really Fast Wine Tasting

Enjoying The Really Fast Wine Tasting

Discover what taste is all about

Know your Champagne from Prosecco?
Makes dry subjects interesting!

 Taste 2 to 4 wines in 15 or 30 minutes.

Has your business got a critical message to communicate, but struggles to recruit audiences or have them listen?

Invite them to the Really Fast Wine Tasting, and you will find marketing easier, attendance better and engagement greater.

Designed for the corporate setting, especially the financial, legal and service sectors where the business needs to deliver a message, but without the direct sell/marketing approach. We don’t sell wine or upstage your message, merely prepare the ground so that the audience is relaxed and ready to hear what you have to say.

The Really Fast Wine Tasting – A Life Skill

The Really Fast Wine Tasting creates the right wine tasting experience for your audience and every participant leaves with a life-skill.

The  Wine Inspector hosts your event and can delve as deeply as required to entertain in a speedy and knowledgeable way ensuring that everyone is included and having fun.

Venues – your place or ours? Arranged as required

Glasses – Easy to provide

Costs from £6 per head