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UK Drinks Market – Strategic Marketing & Communication



With Alistair we experience a “can do” attitude and a willingness to do the basic leg work necessary to place a product that differentiates him from other consultants.



Alistair was commissioned to write a series of interviews for one of my clients. He understood the brief, researched the subject and the results were outstanding. His knowledge of the hospitality and catering industry is second to none. I cannot recommend him more highly.

Penny MacDonald

Senior PR Consultant and Executive Champagne Lanson

“Very professional approach across the whole process, well organised and insightful

  • Requests for information were clear and rooted in intelligent consideration

  • He then funnelled clearly down to the UK and then directly to the market and business of Condor Wines

  • Some very intelligent observations and recommendations came from this.

  • Already I have made 2 very important business decisions, which involve considerable time and investment”

Lee Evans

MD, Condor Wines

“Alistair has completed some excellent marketing work for Colucci’s so that now our brand has a rich and textured story to tell that resonates with our target audience. His connections have put Colucci’s in front of some senior decision makers, being able to express our story in terms the drinks trade understands.”

Marce Colucci

Colucci's Prosecco

We’d recommend Mr Morrell to anyone wanting to get to know and connect to the UK wine and beverages market, short and long term.

Andreas Sundgren