Wine Workshops

Wine is common currency today. But how does the modern consumer navigate the dreaded ‘wall of wine’ or do they choose not to? The Wine Inspector’s Wine Workshops engage wine drinkers at the levels that they feel comfortable with.
Wine workshops are a fantstic way of giving social time, out of office hours, as a corporate perk to employees or from theatre or hotel venues to gently explore the consumer topics of the day.
Whether you want to taste like a professional or just want to update your wine knowledge, Wine Workshops are great to enjoy wine more.
This format can be used as an employee benefit. They step away from the ‘club’ feel. ‘Workshops’ are a more informal way to communicate tips, hints and confidence about wine and wine selection. They appeal to a younger (25+) audience, which is well aligned to the modern workforce.
64% of people claim wine is their favourite alcoholic drink (Wine and Spirit Trade Association 2017). So it is guaranteed broad consumer appeal.
The increasing average retail price of wine identifies that consumers are buying better. As they buy better they require more information.
Wine Workshops – Informal and Informative
Wine Workshops are held in an attractive local venue or the corporate’s offices and give the right mix of informal and informative wine knowledge.
These short ‘drop-in’ sessions of 30-60 minute focus on particular contemporary aspects of wine. The initial itinerary is set around more popular topics, however in the longer term, they are audience led.
Low-cost, with some wine tasting, they provide the novice and enthusiastic amateur with a little extra knowledge. Workshops are designed for the time-poor wine enjoyer as an opportunity to pick up hints and tips for a small contribution. No sitting through lectures and courses. The target number for attendance is15/30/45, simply because that is the maximum number of samples from a single bottle of wine. However we are not tied absolutely to those limits. If there are 8 paying attendees then the workshop runs.
With 30 years experience in the wine industry, and now working as a consultant, journalist and communicator. The Wine Inspector delivers information packaged into different ways for different audiences.