Exporting Wine to the UK

Wine Containers on the High Seas

The UK Consumes approximately 95,000 containers of Wine Annually



There are an estimated 1 Million wine producers in the world across 61 wine producing nations. Wine is a competitive business.

The UK market is mature and so in order to be successful as an exporting wine producer you will need to know your stuff, be confident of your range and ready for the trading environment.

When looking for a distributor navigating your way around the reported 7,500 UK Alcohol Wholesalers is a critical part of discovery. So we have created a checklist of key export elements, which you will need to be on top of to help you around.

How does the prevailing economic circumstances affect trading?

What’s happening with political, economic, currency, societal, technogical, legal and environmental circumstances? How do they affect your plans?

A Marketing strategy – knowing how your wines speak to their projected audiences and consumers is critical. Do you know how UK consumers differ from your current consumers?

Which channels are your wines targeted at?

An Export strategy – how many baskets should your export eggs go into?

Commercial Range of wines – do they look the part and will they sell in the competitive UK Market?

Is the winery technically accredited? If so by which body – is that the right one for your selected channels?

Export quality certification – have you checked with local export government administration to see if there are any required checks?

Great and legal presentation? – Brill Ideas ltd can check out whether a label is legal in the UK with the required authorities.

Key competitive benefits – what advantages is the brand bringing to the distributor and the market?

Sustainable Support package – How will the brand sustain its launch and sales activity in the UK Market.

Volume available – If business takes off then can you supply more volume?

A Value Chain – who makes what profit considering all costs Brill Ideas ltd can help you design the Value Chain and ensure that all the costs are transparent and included.

With 30 years in-market trading experience Brill Ideas ltd can help you create some of these if your value proposition requires some additional firepower to secure that all important first order.